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Airtècnics North America is your premier master distributor for Airtècnics air curtains in the region. As part of the Rosenberg Group, we bring you exceptional solutions for indoor climate control. With manufacturing facilities in Spain, we specialize in designing and producing a diverse range of air curtains tailored for various applications.
Airtecnics Air Curtains
Advantages of Air Curtains
  • Benefits for Retail and Commercial Spaces
    • Increases foot traffic due to the “open door effect.”
    • An open door is inviting and attracts more people to retail locations.
    • An open doorway acts as a shop window and allows people to easily see the inside of an establishment or shop.
    • Allows for easy access for disabled people (wheelchair) or people using baby strollers, shopping carts, or carrying other items.
    • Helps control drafts and temperature variations.
    • Increases available usable space for display purposes and promotion.
  • Energy Saving
    • Reduces energy losses in the conditioned space.
    • Lowers overall capacity (heating/cooling) requirements.
    • As a result, overall building operating costs are lower.
    • Reduction in CO2 emissions.
  • Healthy Indoor Environment
    • Improves indoor air quality.
    • Acts as a barrier against airborne dust, pollution, fumes, and bad odors.
    • Provides pest and insect control.
    • Maintains comfortable indoor temperatures.
  • Safety
    • Increases visibility with the removal of physical obstructions (doors etc.).
    • Helps eliminate ice buildup, fogging, and humidity issues in cold storage or refrigerated applications.
    • Easy evacuation through an exit doorway in case of fire or emergency.
    • Can act as a barrier against fire and smoke spread (special application).
Mississauga, Ontario
Industrial warehouse building.
Efficient Installation of WB Model at Industrial Warehouse Building.
John F. Kennedy International Airport Queens, NY 11430, United States
JFK Airport, New York
The solution adopted for those 8 entrances of the New York JFK airport with traffic capacity channelling problems has been a success. With a minimum budget, the facility is now more functional, maintains harmony in the design, saves more energy, and provides more comfort to the traveler.
1210 Mid-Way Blvd, Unit 20 Mississauga, Ontario, L5T 2B8
Rosenberg Canada head office. Main entrance.
Doha, Qatar
Qatar International Airport
Airtècnics has manufactured and supplied air curtains for the Hamad International Airport, also known as “New Doha International Airport” (NDIA). This terminal, in anticipation of the FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar, is one of the most luxurious structures in the world.
Doha, Qatar
The FIFA building in Qatar
The original iConic 2022 building, which has been constructed in Doha for the World Cup in Qatar, features Zen air curtains at its main entrances. The building is constructed in four blocks connected by basements and its floor plan and façade represent the number 2022, the year the World Cup will be played in Qatar.
Hamilton, ON
WB Model Installation at the Factory Entrance
Rosenberg Canada has successfully installed the WB air curtain model at the entrance hall of a renowned food factory. With our extensive expertise in air curtain technology, we are the trusted partner in delivering a seamless solution for this facility.
Airtècnics’ Air Curtains: Engineering Indoor Comfort
Discover how Airtècnics air curtains enhance indoor comfort and efficiency. Explore their components, operation, and benefits for energy savings and sustainability.
Airtecnics Air Curtains in Airports: Enhancing Efficiency and Comfort
Discover how Airtecnics' air curtains enhance efficiency and comfort in airports worldwide. Explore case studies from El Prat Airport in Barcelona, Hamad International Airport in Doha, JFK Airport in New York, and Brasov International Airport in Romania.
EC Air Curtains: Smart Choice for Climate Control
Discover the significant benefits of EC technology, including its rapid payback period of just over a year and its vital contribution to sustainable energy management in HVAC systems.
Airtècnics: Architectural Excellence in Air Curtain Design
At Airtècnics, we blend innovation and stylish design in our decorative air curtains, combining top technology with exclusive beauty. Our range meets market needs, serving as both functional and decorative elements in building design.
Airtècnics Air Curtains Enhance Sustainability and Comfort at Scalo Milano.
Scalo Milano, the renowned outlet village on the outskirts of Milan, recently installed over 50 Airtècnics air curtains, marking a significant step towards sustainability and improved shopping experiences.
Air curtains and automatic doors: Intelligent integration for efficiency and accessibility in buildings
In this article, we explore how combining air curtains with automatic doors is changing the game for building smarter, eco-friendlier places. This mix improves energy use, makes buildings more comfortable, and easier to get into, keeping up with what modern designs need.
Silent and Effective: Airtècnics' ZEN Air Curtain in Healthcare Environments
In the world of healthcare, ensuring patient comfort and well-being takes center stage. A remarkable contributor to this mission is the Airtecnics ZEN air curtain.
Air Curtains in Car Dealerships: Practical and Aesthetic Fusion
Car dealerships are more than just places to buy a vehicle; they are showcases for innovation, style, and performance. To maintain this image and provide a comfortable environment for customers and staff, car dealerships often turn to cutting-edge solutions. Air curtains offer a practical and aesthetic combination that enhances the dealership experience in multiple ways:
Airtecnics' WB Air Curtains: Modern Comfort for North American Spaces
In today's world, where saving energy and keeping indoor spaces comfortable are top priorities, we're witnessing some exciting innovations in North America. The WB Air Curtain is right there on the cutting edge, drawing interest for its knack to improve indoor climate control while cutting down on energy use. Inspired by its success worldwide, it's now making its impact felt in North America, bringing a breath of fresh air to the HVAC industry.
Air Curtains in Hotels: Enhancing Experiences with Design and Efficiency
The entrance and vestibule are the gateway to the hotel experience. Decorative and efficient Airtecnics air curtains play a pivotal role in making sure that the gateway is as inviting as possible. They don't just look good; they make guests feel good. From the first impressions to the lasting memories, Airtecnics air curtains offer a warm welcome and a comfortable stay. With a promise of design, innovation, and advanced technology, Airtecnics air curtains help hotels elevate their entrances and create unforgettable guest experiences.
INVISAIR Air Curtain: Seamless Fusion of Comfort and Elegance.
The INVISAIR air curtain redefines the concept of integration by offering a design that seamlessly melds with its surroundings. Engineered with a focus on aesthetic elegance and functional efficiency, this air curtain is ingeniously crafted to be installed in the most inconspicuous yet effective manner. Its innovative design concept allows it to be discreetly placed within false ceilings, columns, or even drawers surrounding doorways.
RUND Air Curtains: Where Class and Elegance Meet Functionality in Contemporary Modern Buildings.
In the world of modern architecture, contemporary buildings are more than just structures; they are expressions of art and ingenuity. Architects and designers strive to create visually striking, technologically advanced, and highly efficient spaces that leave a lasting impression. As these architectural marvels continue to evolve, the importance of eye-pleasing yet functional solutions becomes increasingly evident.
ZEN Air Curtains by Airtecnics: Elevating Spring Comfort with Elegance and Efficiency
As the seasons change in Canada, businesses need to adapt to the changing temperatures and weather patterns. Spring, in particular, can be a challenging time for businesses that need to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. One solution to this problem is Airtecnics' ZEN air curtains, which are specially designed to provide an invisible barrier between indoor and outdoor environments, keeping temperatures comfortable while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your business.
How to choose an air curtain?
When selecting air curtains, it is not only the main variable such as door height and width that must be taken into account but also other factors such as building and climatic conditions.
Air Curtains for Café and Restaurants
Most Canadians have experienced discomfort when sitting close to an entrance door in a coffee shop or a restaurant in the winter season. Patrons can be exposed to blasts of cold air every time someone enters or exits the facility. Proper installation of a Airtecnics heated air curtain can help solve this problem, dramatically improving guest comfort level.
The importance of IAQ and breathing clean air
The air that we breathe must be the purest as possible because air nourishes with oxygen the lungs, the blood, and, consequently, the rest of the organs. Yet, surprisingly, according to several WHO studies, indoor air is five to ten times worse than outdoor air, even in urban areas.
Vestibules vs. Air Curtains
Owners now have an option to eliminate vestibules in a new design or existing construction. The cost of an air curtain is significantly lower compared to the cost of constructing a vestibule.

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