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Air curtains: Applications

Door climate protection

Air curtains are designed to separate an indoor environment (heated or cooled) from outside air intrusion through an open doorway.

Air curtains reduce energy costs by keeping heated or cooled air in the internal building atmosphere.

Efficient air curtains can save up to 80% of energy losses across a doorway compared with a door without an air curtain.

During the winter, an air curtain creates a barrier that keeps out cold air, while in the summer, an air curtain prevents hot air from entering a conditioned space.

Bearing in mind the energy saved, the average payback time for an air curtain is between 2 and 5 years, depending on usage and climate conditions.

Although doors are open, the air curtain separates internal and external conditions.


Pest and flying insect control

Insect air curtains are commonly used, when necessary, to stop insects from entering buildings like food processing plants, bakeries, restaurants, hospitals, etc. An insect in-flight approach will be stopped by a barrier of air too powerful to penetrate.

Air curtains control and help prevent flying insects from entering buildings.

You need to select the correct air curtain for insect control applications. A very powerful air jet along the entire width of the doorway is needed (stronger than standard applications).


Cold storage

Due to significant temperature differences, it is highly recommended to install air curtains to reduce the energy losses when doors are open in cold storage applications. In addition, the higher the temperature differences between inside/outside, the higher the energy losses when a door is unprotected.

The payback period of the air curtain can be very short since energy/money saving is very high.

Savings will be realized by reducing air transfer through the door, helping to keep frozen or refrigerated goods in perfect condition. This also helps to reduce defrost costs of the cold room.

Air curtains are the safest way to save lots of energy in cold rooms.

For cold rooms and freezers, air curtains are the safest way to protect from energy losses while removing physical barriers that can create accidents or collisions through the doorway. For example, when plastic strip curtains have been used, the view across the doorway is limited, and people or vehicle accidents occur.

Also, this prevents bothersome and potentially dangerous fogging, humidity, and ice formation in the door entrance area.


Dust, pollution,  and airborne control. Clean rooms.

Always installed in the clean side of the doorway, air curtains act as a barrier against dust, particles, and humidity.

Cleanroom application
Pollution, dust, and bad odors application


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