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INVISAIR Air Curtain: Seamless Fusion of Comfort and Elegance.


The INVISAIR air curtain redefines the concept of integration by offering a design that seamlessly melds with its surroundings. Engineered with a focus on aesthetic elegance and functional efficiency, this air curtain is ingeniously crafted to be installed in the most inconspicuous yet effective manner. Its innovative design concept allows it to be discreetly placed within false ceilings, columns, or even drawers surrounding doorways.

This level of integration represents a remarkable leap in architectural innovation. The air curtain becomes a subtle yet powerful component of the environment, providing exceptional climate separation without altering the visual appeal of the space. By effectively concealing the air curtain, INVISAIR maintains the pristine aesthetics of the building while ensuring optimal performance.

Imagine entering a space where the doorway is accompanied by a gentle, invisible flow of air. This is the experience that INVISAIR offers. Visitors and occupants are greeted with a comfortable, controlled climate as soon as they step through the door, all while being visually unaware of the air curtain's presence. This level of hidden functionality ensures an unobtrusive transition between indoor and outdoor environments.

INVISAIR: Horizontal Installation
INVISAIR: Vertical Installation

The brilliance of INVISAIR lies in its versatile installation options. Placing it within false ceilings provides a virtually undetectable integration, offering a continuous and seamless flow of air while maintaining the ceiling's clean lines. Incorporating it within columns or drawers surrounding doorways ensures that the air curtain remains entirely out of sight, making it a perfect choice for spaces where aesthetics are of paramount importance.

In the pursuit of architectural excellence, INVISAIR stands as a testament to the power of seamlessly integrating technology and design. This air curtain takes the concept of invisibility beyond the mundane, offering a transformative solution that not only enhances comfort and efficiency but also elevates the aesthetics of any space it graces.

With INVISAIR, the invisible becomes indispensable.

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