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Airtecnics Recessed Air Curtains: Invisible Climate Control


In today’s busy commercial world, keeping indoor spaces comfortable without ruining the look of the place is very important. Airtecnics, a top company in air curtain technology, knows this well. We have created recessed air curtains that fit perfectly into any building design. In this article, we will explore what recessed air curtains are, why they are beneficial, and the scenarios in which they are most effectively used.

What Are Recessed Air Curtains?

Recessed air curtains are special climate control devices that you install discreetly in places like false ceilings, columns, or bulkheads. Unlike traditional air curtains that you see above doorways, these are hidden within the building’s structure. They create a high-speed stream of air that acts as an invisible barrier, stopping outside air from coming in and inside air from escaping, all while keeping the space looking good.

Recessed air curtain installed in a false ceiling

Why Use Recessed Air Curtains?

1. Aesthetic Integration

The main reason to use recessed air curtains is that they blend seamlessly with a building’s design. For businesses that care about interior looks—like luxury hotels, high-end stores, and modern office buildings—keeping a clean, unobtrusive look is key. Recessed air curtains let these places enjoy the benefits of air curtain technology without messing up the design.

2. Energy Efficiency

Recessed air curtains save energy by stopping heated or cooled air from escaping and blocking outside air from coming in. This helps keep the indoor temperature stable, reducing the need for heating and cooling systems, and ultimately lowering energy bills. This is especially important in places where doors open and close a lot.

3. Enhanced Comfort

By keeping a consistent indoor climate, recessed air curtains make the space more comfortable. They stop drafts and temperature changes, creating a pleasant environment for customers and employees. This is particularly important in places like restaurants and retail stores, where the customer experience is crucial.

4. Improved Hygiene and Air Quality

Recessed air curtains also block dust, pollutants, and insects, improving the air quality inside. This is very useful for places like food establishments and healthcare facilities, where cleanliness is very important.

Recessed Air Curtain INVISAIR installation options: seamlessly integrates horizontally above the entrance or vertically on either side, maintaining aesthetic integrity while providing effective climate control.

When to Use Recessed Air Curtains?

1. Commercial Entrances

Recessed air curtains are perfect for commercial entrances where a welcoming look is important. They keep the entrance area clear of obstructions, providing a clear and inviting entry for customers.

2. High Traffic Areas

In places with lots of foot traffic, such as shopping malls, airports, and convention centers, recessed air curtains help manage the indoor climate better. They stop outside air from constantly coming in, which can disrupt the indoor temperature and increase energy costs.

3. Climate-Sensitive Environments

Places that need precise climate control, like museums, art galleries, and data centers, can benefit from recessed air curtains. These devices help maintain the right environmental conditions to protect sensitive items and equipment.

4. Industrial Applications

For industrial settings, recessed air curtains provide a strong solution for separating different climate zones within a building. They can be used to isolate areas with different temperature needs, ensuring the best conditions for different processes and materials.

Airtecnics Recessed Air Curtain Models

Airtecnics North America offers four different models of recessed air curtains, each designed to meet specific needs:


Air Curtain model DAM Recessed

The Recessed DAM air curtain by Airtecnics offers a versatile and efficient climate control solution that seamlessly integrates into false ceilings, maintaining a clean aesthetic with a visible diffuser grille. It features a maintenance-free air intake grille and low-noise centrifugal fans. Available in water-heated (P), electrically heated (E), and air-only (A) types, this model is compact and energy-efficient. User-friendly controls, including Plug&Play and optional programmable Clever control, enhance commercial profitability, energy efficiency, hygiene, and safety. Customizable frame colors are available.


Air Curtain model COMPACT Recessed

The Recessed Compact air curtain is uniquely designed for non-heating applications, integrating seamlessly into false ceilings with a visible diffuser grille. It features a maintenance-free white suction grille, customizable in various colors. Its compact, low-profile design uses low-noise centrifugal fans driven by an efficient external rotor motor, with a 5-speed selector. The air-only model includes Plug&Play control with a 7m RJ45 cable and infrared remote, plus an optional programmable Clever control. This versatile air curtain enhances commercial profitability, energy savings, hygiene, and safety in various settings.


Air Curtain model WB Recessed

The Recessed WB air curtain is designed for installation in false ceilings, suitable for various commercial and industrial entrances. With a compact, robust design, it integrates seamlessly into any setting. The self-supporting casing is made of galvanized steel, and the maintenance-free inlet grille features aluminum profiles and a blow-out nozzle in a white frame, customizable in other colors. It includes low-noise, double-inlet centrifugal fans with a 5-speed selector and offers three types: water-heated (P), electrically heated (E), and air-only (A), with an optional DX coil. It comes with Plug&Play control, an RJ45 cable, and an infrared remote, with optional Clever control for advanced features, enhancing commercial profitability, energy savings, hygiene, and safety.


Air Curtain model INVISAIR

The Invisair air curtain is designed for seamless installation within false ceilings, columns, or drawers around entrances, blending perfectly with architectural designs. Ideal for spaces where maintaining aesthetic appeal is crucial, Invisair ensures optimal functionality without compromising looks. Its self-supporting casing is made of galvanized steel, finished in white RAL9016 epoxy-polyester paint, with other colors and stainless steel options available. Invisair features straight airflow from the inlet grille to the discharge, with adjustable anodized aluminum outlet vanes. It uses low-noise, double-inlet centrifugal fans driven by an external rotor motor, with a 5-speed selector and efficient, low-consumption EC fans. Available types include water-heated (P), electrically heated (E), and air-only (A). The air curtain includes Plug&Play control, a 7m RJ45 cable, and an infrared remote, with optional Clever control for advanced, energy-saving features and Modbus RTU for building management integration. This model enhances commercial profitability, energy savings, hygiene, and safety.

Aesthetic Customization of Recessed Air Curtains

Airtecnics' recessed air curtains offer extensive aesthetic customization options to seamlessly integrate with diverse architectural designs. Each model can be tailored with various frame colors, including the standard white RAL 9016, or custom colors to perfectly match any interior decor. This flexibility ensures that the air curtains enhance the aesthetic appeal of commercial and industrial spaces without compromising on functionality. The sleek design of the units, combined with the ability to choose from a range of finishes and colors, allows for a harmonious blend with the existing interior elements, making them an ideal choice for maintaining both visual and climate control standards.

Air Curtain Customization

Installation and Maintenance

Installing recessed air curtains requires careful planning to make sure they blend well with the building’s design. The installation process typically involves:

  • Site Assessment: Finding the best spot for the air curtain, considering things like door size, traffic flow, and architectural features.
  • Preparation: Making sure there is enough space in the false ceiling, column, or bulkhead to house the air curtain unit.
  • Installation: Securely fitting the air curtain into the prepared space, making sure it is properly aligned and connected to the power supply.
  • Testing: Thoroughly testing the air curtain to ensure it works effectively and provides the desired air barrier.

Maintaining recessed air curtains is simple and usually involves regular cleaning of the air intake and discharge grilles, as well as periodic checks of the unit to ensure it performs well. Airtecnics North America provides detailed maintenance guidelines to help users keep their air curtains in top shape.

Airtecnics recessed air curtains offer a perfect mix of functionality and aesthetics, making them a great choice for various commercial and industrial applications. By choosing recessed air curtains, businesses can maintain a comfortable and energy-efficient environment without sacrificing design. Whether it’s improving the customer experience in a retail store or ensuring precise climate control in a sensitive environment, recessed air curtains provide an effective and stylish solution.

For more information on our extensive range of Air Curtains and to discover how they can benefit your business by enhancing energy efficiency, improving indoor air quality, and creating a more comfortable environment for both employees and customers, visit Airtècnics North America's website.

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