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"No insect" Air Curtains


The R & D project "NO INSECT CURTAINS" has been successfully completed to offer a new range of insect control air curtains with smart control and high performance that minimizes the entrance of flying insects to all types of buildings (restaurants, premises, hospitals, factories, etc.)

Infographic of factory installation of FLY DUO air curtain with Plenum.

The new range of air Curtains for insect control has been launched in the "Fly" category. The air curtains of the "Fly" range comply with the requirements of the American standard NSF/ANSI 37 “Air curtains for Entranceways in Food and Food Services Establishments.”

The following selection chart shows all available models and each recommended installation height (horizontal installation).

The "NO INSECT CURTAINS" project has been funded by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), classifying this project as Research and Development.


Insect air curtains are commonly used to stop insects from entering buildings like food processing plants, bakeries, restaurants, hospitals, etc. Bugs in flight are stopped by air barriers, too powerful for them to penetrate.

You need to select a proper kind of air curtain for insect control applications. A stronger air jet is required than for standard applications.

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