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New anti-corrosion finish in the Airtècnics catalogue


In Airtècnics we never stop our innovation eagerness and as the last contribution to make our ventilation devices more durable, we add to the catalog of finishes a special anti-corrosion paint on request.

It can be applied by spraying, flow, or immersion and does not contain toxic gases, and is totally environmentally friendly. Flow application ensures 100% penetration into the coils of industrial chillers and AHUs with no limitations on dimensions and number of rows.

Spray application covers RTPF type coils up to 6 rows and full coverage of MC type coils. In addition, the racks are sprayed clear to provide 10,000 hours of salt spray proofing.

With up to 15,000 hours of protection certified by the Salt Fog Test, the application is ideal for devices that may be in environments with extreme deterioration conditions, which can lead to oxidation of the device. The anti-corrosion level achieved is C5.

Utility and applications

Suitable for covering casings, batteries, or fans. In short, for any product available in our catalog. This is the most durable and effective anti-rust finish. It can be used as a topcoat or in the desired color available on the RAL chart.

The application of this anti-corrosive paint is perfect for industries whose production generates a salty environment or high humidity, which can compromise the operation and optimal conservation of the devices. Examples of these industries would be, for example, car washes, fishing industry, meat industry...

Please contact our team of engineers who can advise you on the best conditions and products to meet your needs and solve your corrosion problems.

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