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Maxwell air curtains with EC fans


Until now, Maxwell air curtains have been served with AC fans and can now be manufactured with energy-saving EC fans. This makes it a highly efficient industrial air curtain with increased flow and power.

EC motors are synchronous motors powered by an inverter with permanent magnets in an external rotor design. The AC mains voltage is rectified by electronic commutation of the EC motor. A downstream inverter provides the motor voltage as a function of the load, similar to the principle governing a frequency converter.

EC motors have the advantages of both motors. They are more powerful and versatile. They are smaller in size, thus saving space inside the units.

Schematic structure of Rosenberg's EC Motors

This type of motor makes the investment profitable in a short period of time as energy consumption and installation costs are drastically reduced.

EC technology offers more than just efficiency. EC motors are maintenance-free and low-noise. In addition, the integrated intelligent electronics take care of control and monitoring. The stepless variable speed via a 0-10V signal, 10VDC current, and the specific software can cover every need.  Parameters essential for smooth operation, i.e., voltage, load, or temperature, are automatically monitored. In this way, EC motors and fans meet the highest standards in energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The Maxwell is a powerful industrial air curtain. Its double discharge jet generates the Coanda effect, which allows greater distances to be reached more efficiently. It can be installed vertically or horizontally and covers doorways of up to 6 meters.

Coanda effect

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