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Air Curtains for Café and Restaurants


Most Canadians have experienced discomfort when sitting close to an entrance door in a coffee shop or a restaurant in the winter season. Patrons can be exposed to blasts of cold air every time someone enters or exits the facility. Proper installation of a Rosenberg/Airtecnics heated air curtain can help solve this problem, dramatically improving guest comfort level.

Rosenberg Canada has a number of suitable options available, such as…

  • Decorative, minimalist, and elegant, the ZEN air curtain is the favorite of architects and designers in their building projects. Its clever design is perfect for blending with any building’s aesthetics and offers infinite options for customization. Logos, lights, infographics, or clocks can be incorporated into the design. Double-inlet centrifugal EC fans are available for low-noise and energy-efficient applications. Heating options are also available. Can be installed in either horizontal or vertical positions.
  • WB Series is a compact and robust air curtain with a timeless and eye-pleasing design. It is suitable for all types of commercial and industrial applications. This series is available with up to 9 different installation configurations, making it an extremely versatile air curtain. A wide variety of possible finishes are also available upon request.


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