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Air Curtains for Café and Restaurants


Many Canadians are familiar with the discomfort of sitting near an entrance during the winter season at their favorite coffee shop or restaurant. Every time the door opens, a gust of cold air can disrupt a cozy meal. But there's a solution: the installation of a Rosenberg/Airtecnics heated air curtain. This smart addition dramatically improves guest comfort.

The Winter Woe: Cold Air at Cafe and Restaurant Entrances

Winter in Canada is a beautiful but harsh season. While we all cherish cozying up in our favorite cafes and restaurants, there's one challenge that often comes with it - the chilly air that rushes in whenever the door swings open. This common scenario can quickly turn a delightful dining experience into a chilly one. Fortunately, there's a remarkable solution at hand: the installation of a heated air curtain from Airtecnics.

Elevating Comfort with Heated Air Curtains: 

The concept of a heated air curtain is as brilliant as it is practical. Picture this: as soon as the door is opened, a curtain of warm air wraps around the entrance, like a protective shield. This invisible barrier not only keeps the cold air out but also ensures that the cozy warmth inside stays intact. For patrons enjoying a meal or sipping their favorite brew, it means no more uncomfortable drafts or shivers every time someone walks in or out.

Why Airtecnics Air Curtains?  

The choice of Rosenberg/Airtecnics air curtains is a smart one for several reasons. These air curtains are designed with precision and efficiency in mind. They create a stable climate at the entrance of cafes and restaurants, where guests can savor their meals without disruptions. In essence, these air curtains strike a perfect balance between keeping the cold air out and maintaining a pleasant, warm ambiance inside.

Moreover, they're unobtrusive. Most patrons won't even notice their presence; they'll only feel the delightful warmth and comfort they provide.

Airtecnics has a number of suitable options available, such as:

  • Decorative, minimalist, and elegant, the ZEN air curtain is the favorite of architects and designers in their building projects. Its clever design is perfect for blending with any building’s aesthetics and offers infinite options for customization. Logos, lights, infographics, or clocks can be incorporated into the design. Double-inlet centrifugal EC fans are available for low-noise and energy-efficient applications. Heating options are also available. Can be installed in either horizontal or vertical positions.
  • WB Series is a compact and robust air curtain with a timeless and eye-pleasing design. It is suitable for all types of commercial and industrial applications. This series is available with up to 9 different installation configurations, making it an extremely versatile air curtain. A wide variety of possible finishes are also available upon request.


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