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Airtècnics Air Curtains for various industrial applications


Airtècnics industrial air curtains are solid and versatile, manufactured with top-quality materials and components.

Some suitable industrial applications include:

  • Shipping and receiving bays
  • Shopping centers
  • Train stations and maintenance bays
  • Airports and maintenance facilities
  • Stadiums and sports arenas
  • Food manufacturing facilities
  • Numerous other industrial buildings and facilities


Airtechnics manufactures industrial air curtains that are suitable for almost any installation. Installation can be horizontal or vertical, free-hanging, inside the ceiling surface, or a false ceiling invisible mount. Depending on the needs for each type of installation, air curtains can be manufactured with IP55 protection, special batteries or controllers, pest control features, heat pumps, etc.

Incorporating Rosenberg's leading-edge motor technology (including EC motors), our industrial air curtains are designed to meet the needs of large doors.

Airtècnics innovates across our entire air curtain range. The result is more efficient air curtains that substantially contribute to energy savings.

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